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Ursula Mahalingam

UM StoneArt


Ursula is best known for her StoneArt, a mixture of Mixed-media and Mosaic - something very unique in the Art world.


Born in Switzerland Ursula has always had a great passion for travelling, Interior design, art and architecture. Having lived several years in the Middle East and Asia, she now lives and works back in Switzerland.


She is a self-taught artist and her mainly abstract pieces express her passion of colour, nature and geometric pattern design. The slow, repetitive work process is mediative, a mix of raw and refined, natural stones, glass beads, acrylics, all together creating beautiful tension and texture.


Her art has been described as one of a kind, radiating strong vibrations of positive energy and harmony.


Ursula has successfully exhibited as a Solo Artist at the World Art Dubai in 2017 and 2018 and was nominated "most innovative Artist" at this renowned Art Fair in 2018.


Her StoneArt has been gifted to the former King of Malaysia and has been successfully auctioned at Royal Charity events.

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